Union Transfer




Mischief Brew, Pagan Babies, Northern Liberties

Sat, August 31, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Union Transfer

Philadelphia, PA


This event is all ages

"RUIN flat-out rocked. Their shows were transcendent experiences. They pushed the boundaries to the point where they were incorporating psychedelia, hard rock and raga while still maintaining the energy of the best hardcore punk."
-- The Last Days of Man on Earth

Maybe you were there. If so, you experienced the passion and fury of a RUIN show. Swirling waves of motion in an orgy of light. Booming guitars. Blistering bass. Drums on fire. Howling leads conjuring the spirit of wild beasts. Singer possessed by the ecstatic longing of Dionysus.

Would you like to experience RUIN one last time? All six original members are ready to rock.

Join us at UNION TRANSFER--the best venue in Philadelphia for live shows.

RUIN... Live 2013! will hold a lot of fun surprises. The live show will feature people who have played a role in RUIN's life. Legendary Philadelphia DJ Bobby Startup will spin, guest singers will join Vosco, and well-known Philadelphia punk musicians will join forces with us on stage.

We look forward to seeing you!
Mischief Brew
Mischief Brew
Ask 11 people what kind of music Mischief Brew is, and you’ll get 11 different genres: from folk punk to Gypsy-punk, pirate music to circus music to none of the above. And after 11 years and several split albums, EPs, and collaborations, the band is releasing their third proper studio album, “The Stone Operation.”
In a church-turned-studio way outside of Philadelphia, the songs were recorded loud and fast on tour-battered gear, fiercely strummed banjos, and trashy drum kits more suited for a fairground organ. All the flare of past Mischief Brew recordings is there: junk percussion, drunken mandolin-playing, linocut imagery in a lyric book that strangely resembles an early edition of “Grimm’s Household Tales.” But those are just spices and ornaments, not the main dish - and the main course on “The Stone Operation” is raging hot.
Here we have 11 (er, 12) songs about drunken trespassers, street-performers, Trick-or-Treaters, train hoppers, jugglers, clowns, card-playing ghosts…and watching the TV show “Dallas” during Soviet rule in Romania. If it is a “Folk Punk” record, then it may be the first one to have a track reserved exclusively for cowbell… or, to use the word “Caco-daemon” in the lyrics… or, to have a song with a doom metal outro…
Northern Liberties
Northern Liberties have been described as "Somewhere between the dissonant riff-heavy freakouts of Lightning Bolt, sullen Cure/Joy Division gloom, melodic hardcore marches, and spacey, psychedelic angular avant-punk that touches on USAISAMONSTER, folk, and cosmic effects tripouts, bound together with bizarre feverdream lyrics and really cool zoned out vocals" by Crucialblast.net, and "Something obtuse and beautiful" by the Philadelphia City Paper.
Venue Information:
Union Transfer
1026 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19123