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Matt Pond PA

'Several Arrows Later' 10 Year Anniversary Tour

Matt Pond PA

Young Buffalo, Joy Riding

Thu, May 14, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Union Transfer

Philadelphia, PA

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

Matt Pond PA
Matt Pond PA
Matt Pond has already accomplished what few rarely do. A career musician with a die-hard following that continues to grow with each album, and a resume that includes the title song for a motion picture soundtrack, a long running Starbucks holiday commercial with a hook that's always stuck in our heads, selling over 100,000 albums to date; his success is matched only by his prolific outpouring of talent. But Matt takes those things with a grain of salt, in 'Lives' he shows us what's really important.

With the new album, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, Matt Pond is stepping forward with striking honesty and humbling optimism and delivers his strongest work to date. And with this transformative record comes some distinct changes- removing the 'PA' that has accompanied his name for nearly a decade, his first official 'solo' release, and partnering with new label and longtime publishing partner, BMG Rights Management.

Matt Pond is able to slough off the dead skin, radiantly revealing himself in his purest form- a feat many artists strive for, but rarely accomplish. The change symbolizes more than just coming out as an official solo act, it is also perhaps a symbol of letting go. Letting go of the places he's called home; he no longer belongs to Pennsylvania, or Brooklyn, or even the cabin in Bearsville, he is distinctly free from any earthly chains and what remains is just Matt Pond. His final frontier is to "run wild within our clear blue minds" ('Human Beings'). The graceful departure gives Matt Pond both the freedom from, and acceptance of the limitations of being alive. The result is 'The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand'.

'Lives' is an upbeat antidote to the pessimistic shift in the collective consciousness. It's an ode to the bittersweet reality that we are human, we are finite, and we are flawed. But in each song on this album, Matt Pond sources the beauty in all of it, even when it's not pretty, and delivers an indie rock album that's brimming with authenticity; Pond captures the sentiment perfectly in "Starlet": 'I know I know there's so much I don't know'. The album's first single "Love to Get Used", is a notably playful departure from what we've seen before. "Let's hang on to abandon and hope we lose control" Pond insists in the uptempo indie-pop track, "to be out in the open baby and let go of the ropes".

…And let go, he does. In a free-fall of spirit, Matt gets to the core of his own humanity, and we can't help but listen intently to see what he finds, because after all, it can sometimes be a frightening journey, a risk many of us aren't willing to take. "Hole in My Heart" strips down the frivolities and formalities that water down most songs about heartbreak, leaving us with a chillingly accurate, almost childlike description of the pain it causes, and a glimpse into the places he's stumbled in his own journey, when, as he puts it, "with eyes closed we dove into unknown". In the end, "The Lives Inside the Lines in your Hand" is a triumph against the paltry conditions we've all been forced to reckon with as a society. When times are tough though, art flourishes, and 'Lives' is a demonstration in how Pond is transcended by his art. "Someday I'll stop breathing," he says, "but I'll never stop singing."
Young Buffalo
Young Buffalo
In Vietnamese culture, particularly in that of their farmers, the buffalo is a symbol of quality. The Water Buffalo is a common sight in Vietnam, and to your average Vietnamese citizen, the mention of this noble beast calls to mind the qualities of being hardworking, dedicated and of making the best of every situation that you are faced with.

Young Buffalo had no clue this was the case when they picked their name…

Nevertheless, the symbolism works well for the character of this young Oxford Mississippi based band, consisting of Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett. Oxford may not be known widely as a creative hub, but the thoughtful songwriting and multi-instrumental proficiency exhibited by Ben and Jim on their upcoming self-titled EP are prime examples of the artistic diversity that exists in their hometown.As Barrett is quick to point out, Oxford is a "cool mixture of a lot of different kinds of people and it's not necessarily the kind of Mississippi town you would normally imagine."

Born out of the University of Mississippi local music scene, the formation of Young Buffalo took place over several long and sporadic years. Ben and Jim began quietly writing music together when they were teenagers, forming their first band in high school. Although the two maintained their strong friendship, the band went their separate ways for a stint. It was during this time that Barrett self-recorded an EP in the spring of 2009, using the moniker Young Buffalo (a nickname he had for Ben in school). The recording ended up being well received locally, and the duo brought the Young Buffalo project to life.

Ben and Jim each have an eclectic array of interests and personal tastes that, when combined with their impressive musical aptitudes,has resulted in a sound that is both accessible and thoughtfully progressive. This amalgamation of influences is front-and-center on their new Kyle "Slick" Johnson produced EP, which was tracked at his studio in Philadelphia over a whirlwind week of 13-hour days. This EP is a beautiful compilation of two artists finding themselves as musicians and writing partners, and the diversity of the album is refreshing in a world where bands too often commit to one particular sound. From the pysch rock epicness of opener "Baby Demons" to the noise pop of the album's central track "Upstairs" to the more experimental vocal arrangements on "Nature Boy", there is something on the EP that will catch the attention of most discerning music fans, no matter their 'go-to' genre.

Though a central theme of this EP is the sense of urgency and confusion that comes with trying to escape something (as Barrett says "I'm currently living with my parents and this is definitely dealing with that, wanting to get the fuck out"), it was the efficiency of the recording process that the band found most therapeutic. While Yarbrough and Barrett offer a great deal of credit to their production team and the skill of their current bandmates for being able to cut such a quality album in such a short time,their songwriting is clearly at the foundation of this creative step forward for the band.

As Ben and Jim prepare to release their new E.P. this fall, they are seeing Young Buffalo in a more mature light. The band is a more cohesive unit than they have been at any other point in their career, and they are genuinely happy to be playing music together. When asked how the recording of this EP has changed his view of the band's future, Barrett offered this statement: "Two years ago I would've answered like 'we're going to win Grammy's and tour the world'. Now that's just bullshit. I just want to be able to tour and make records, anything else is bonus. I just want an excuse not to be a caterer full time".

Another quality Young Buffalo share with the water buffalo of Vietnamese culture is patience. This EP will serve as a coming out party of sorts for the band, and with the quality it exudes; their patient approach in getting to this point seems well worth the wait.
Joy Riding
A musical group consisting of members of some indie greats: Makeout Party, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, It's a King Thing, Decathlete.
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